Your soul speaks to you in so many ways. All you have to do is listen.

As children we’re taught to listen to everyone else except ourselves so by adulthood we’ve lost touch with that innate sensing of knowing we’re born with. As the world gets noisier, and other people’s opinions get louder, we need to remember how to trust ourselves now more than ever. There is an infinite source of wisdom within you and whether you call it your soul, your spirit, your intuition or your gut instinct, it’s been guiding you your entire life (whether you knew it or not). It’s time to look inside for the answers.

It’s time to reconnect to our own guidance.

Some people receive intuition as words or symbols but for most of us it’s a more subtle feeling that’s easy to miss when we’re caught up in our heads! But it’s perfectly possible to cultivate an on-going connection to your intuition and live from a more aligned state of being. From life-changing decisions to smaller daily choices, when we’re tuned in to our inner guidance we have an ally on our side that will never steer us wrong. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t require you to sit in the lotus position for an hour and you don’t need to “believe in” anything either. Your intuition (the wiser, more expansive part of YOU) is communicating with you all the time — the key is to practice tuning in, listening and acting on the guidance.

In this practical and immersive three-week course we’re going to explore different ways to connect with and decipher our intuition. We’ll use journaling and collage to connect to our wisdom directly, learn the difference between spontaneous and applied intuition, identify where we feel our intuition in our bodies, practice daily connecting and so much more!

By cultivating a solid relationship with my intuition, and practising tuning in no matter where I am, I’ve been able to strengthen my relationship with myself. I trust myself to make the right decisions and I check in with ME first before turning to anyone else (in all things!). If you’ve ever said “that just doesn’t feel right to me” you are already in touch with your intuition and by the end of the course you’ll be moving through your days with a reliable connection to your intuition and a radically deeper connection to your self.


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Questions and Answers


An email address + a computer or tablet (or phone!). A journal and a pen. A big juicy pile of magazines, brochures, newspaper supplements, flyers and any other paper ephemera that catches your eye — think inspirational images and words to cut out. You’ll also need scissors and a glue stick :-) OPTIONAL: a Facebook account if you’d like to join our private Facebook group (not compulsory but definitely worth doing!)


You’ll get an email every week day (Monday to Friday) for three weeks. Each email will contain that day’s lesson — a combination of words, photos, prompts, guidance and inspiration. On the last day of class you’ll receive a beautifully-designed ebook containing all the lessons to download and keep forever.


No, there are no set times you have to be in class. You could read the day’s email the moment it hits your inbox or save them all up for the weekend. I’ll be hanging out in the Facebook group every day but you don’t have to if you don’t have time. Expect to spend about an hour or two on the course each week. Gift yourself this time but don’t worry about "falling behind" — make this work for YOU and your schedule.


HA! No you don’t, I promise. Think of your intuition as just another sense. You can see and hear and touch. You have a sense of smell and a sense of taste. Intuition is your sense of knowing. Just as you can develop your palette and learn how to appreciate a wider bouquet of scents, you can strengthen your sense of knowing too.


A richer connection to your SELF. Lots of practical tools so you can connect to your intuition anytime. A deeper understanding of how your intuition communicates with you, where you feel it and how you can have an on-going conversation with it!


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Kind Words

“This course really did help me demystify the tarot. My first dabble with the cards left me very confused but you managed to unravel the mystery to me. I found the lessons well set out, and I found myself systematically getting to know the different levels of the deck and then each individual card. The cards have now become a regular part of my days, mostly starting the day with a 3-card spread to set me up. At the beginning I found reading the cards quite difficult, but mainly because I thought I might get it wrong, and not trusting my intuition. I found reading the book again and again helpful because each time I found a new gem and it was here I found the encouragement to trust my thoughts and inputs. I have now a small collection of decks, some I connect to, some not yet, but I find just looking through the pictures and feeling the energy very inspiring. I am looking forward to going through 78 mirrors again because I know this will be a opportunity to reach a new level. Thank you Susannah for opening up your knowledge, love and insights to us all.”


“This course has been INCREDIBLE!!! I am so glad I moved past the fear I had about it and the resistance to the cost. It has been worth every single penny as this vast new world has been opened up because of your guidance. Thank you for making every email so beautiful. Your photography talent shines in each and every tarot card and spread, making each lesson such a delight to see and read. Thank you for pacing the course so well and organizing the class material so it was easy to understand. I knew absolutely nothing about tarot before we started. I think it was a brilliant idea to walk us through the Minor Arcana first with the Major to follow. I am starting over now, and re-doing the class will be easy and meaningful. Thank you for being so gentle and reassuring as we faltered along the way. I can't imagine a better instructor. I believe and trust in your experience and your offerings so very much. Your lovely style was perfect for my beginner level, assuring me this is a new and wonderful tool for self-understanding. Thank you for the light and the Light - no purple streaked hair or gothic scary imagery to process ;) Special thanks for always reminding us to trust and look to our own intuition. At 64, it is what feeds me the most, guiding me along my humble wabi-sabi path. It's a muscle and a practice I want to use often. So thank you for your encouragement to trust ourselves.”


“This course was exactly what I needed to wrap my mind around the Tarot. I had tried to learn about Tarot since I picked up my first deck over 10 years ago. I tried reading different books but none of them resonated with me. It wasn’t until some ups and downs in my own life that the Fool’s Journey began to make sense. 78 Mirrors was exactly what I needed to help me understand what my subconscious was hinting at me. Prior to your course the cards were just images. After your course, the cards had a voice, meaning, and the messages I most needed to hear. 78 Mirrors really opened up the world of tarot, my ability to understand and navigate my world in a positive way. My cards are a daily practice now and your ability to demystify the cards in a clear and inviting way made the cards even more special. Thank you for such an amazing course and for your ability to bring so much passion, love, and care into the course.”


“Your 78 Mirrors class woke me up to a deeper part of myself. Learning the tarot your way allowed me to understand its language and relate to it in a personal way. Finally! I felt connected to its symbols and archetypes. I began to uncover what I was truly feeling deep inside. I had one classic Rider-Waite deck for over nine years and never felt connected to it. I have over 50+ oracle decks that I use as part of my daily practice but I never truly connected to the tarot — until your class. For me, 78 Mirrors is what the Rosetta Stone was for Egyptian hieroglyphs. It demystifies the tarot. It allowed me to learn another language, a spiritual language, that deepened the understanding of my inner world and connection to my soul. The gift of tarot is a profound connection to our wise inner counsel — Our Muse — Our Spirit. Tarot has become a regular part of my daily dose of coffee, writing and artwork in the studio. Since class I've added over six tarot decks to my collection and I feel connected to each one. Spending time with the tarot has become an essential part of my daily practice, to me, it's a precious gift. I'm so grateful to have taken your class and to YOU for teaching me. :-) I really resonated with your comment about the cards simply "being ink on paper" — reading that was one of my favorite class moments. I can sometimes get tooooo serious and in my head, so that bit allowed me to recenter and lighten up. As a whole, the class has motivated me to accept myself more as a HSP and empowered me to create what it is I truly need to feel grounded and inspired every day.”


“Needless to say I am a big fan of this course! My tarot journey started very innocently when I came across the Wild Unknown deck and was instantly drawn to its beautiful imagery. I didn’t know much about tarot at the time so when Susannah announced her 78 Mirrors class I was all in! And it blew my mind. She takes an ancient practice from its stuffy fairground booth and brings it into the warm light of our modern age. I loved her non-sensical approach and learning to look at the cards from a point of self discovery and reflection rather than scary divination. Her emails and the PDF file you get at the end are infused with her decades of experience and filled with amazing wisdom, knowledge and gorgeous images. I also really liked how Susannah structured the course: there is a lot of material to go through and she does so in a very clear and concise manner, this would work equally well for beginners and more seasoned tarot lovers. Since 78 Mirrors I have started a little collection of beautiful decks and spending time with my cards has become a regular practice that I truly treasure. I can’t recommend this class highly enough!”


“My experience with tarot was very basic before the powers that be brought me to you. Daily Guidance opened my eyes and made me crave more. 78 mirrors was a thrilling journey on a path that I continue to cherish. You gave me the the ability to embrace the peace and guidance from Tarot that was something I needed in my life .... It gives me comfort and serenity and the strength to face obstacles. I can't begin to thank you enough ... your classes have changed my life and I look forward to participating in your next creative adventure.”


“I’m so grateful for this course (and in fact all the other courses of yours I have taken). 78 Mirrors opened up a whole new world to me that was closed before because of fear and insecurity. But with your approach it was so easy to let go of my restrictions. I use my cards on a regular basis now and they have become dear friends, who offer pure soul medicine. I love that there is so much more to explore and discover and that they will accompany me for the rest of my life. As this is a tool of deep self-discovery I found the Facebook group extra special and I still feel a strong connection to the other participants. Thank you for open up this space. I know my english is not the best but I wanted to thank you for the awesome work you do. You are really a special person and it may sound odd, but you are one of very few "unknown" not-met-in-real-life persons in my life I hold close to my heart. I think a lot of the ladies out there feel the same.”


“I absolutely loved it! I'm not a newcomer to tarot, have played with it on and off for years, but I never felt comfortable reading the cards without help from the book. Your class not only gave me a much deeper understanding of the cards (especially those tricky court cards) but it also gave me permission to use my intuition, even when it didn't quite match the book's meaning. I now use the cards on a daily basis as a way to reflect on whatever is going on for me. Sometimes it's a deep journaling dive and sometimes it's just a quick check-in. I've also been experimenting with different spreads. I would say that was one of the parts of the course I liked most. I think there was one that was about how you view an issue consciously and unconsciously — that one was really powerful. The Facebook group was really helpful and fun. I loved sharing my cards and commenting on others cards. Having a community of people to share with was really a great addition to the course.”


“It was a beautiful experience and way for me to fall in love with the Tarot. It definitely helped me to demystify the cards. The structure you chose was great; to go from minors, to courts, to majors. Loved diving into the meaning of the elements and numbers as well and I also studied all the symbols in the cards (sooo many!). Knowledge of the elements and forming questions with each card really made the difference in understanding and feeling them. About the Facebook group — I LOVED it. And I still do. It feels like a secret tarot family. After the course finished life took over and other things asked for my attention and energy. I couldn't find the time anymore to dive in as deep as I wanted. No more daily draws but I did do special readings during a full or new moon a couple of times. And the magic of the cards is always there, they never stop to amaze me. They are always accurate and encouraging somehow and sometimes also confronting and painful. They are indeed Mirrors. And now with the beautiful book you've made I will go through it all again, being kinder and more loving to myself and the process…”


“I was totally new to tarot — had never even held a tarot card — so the course has given me both confidence and curiosity with the cards. I really took to the 78 mirror approach. The course has given me rationale for using the cards. None hold any fear for me. The tarot is such a great tool for thinking things through. Most days I do a 3-card draw at the beginning of the day. Once a week I do my weekly plan using the tarot which ends up with me focusing much more on how I want to be rather than what I have to do. This works well for me. If I’m feeling bit down might use them to assist me to work out what’s going on, what I’m really feeling and how to perk myself up a bit. I now have a much better language/range for understanding and explaining how I feel. Thinking about it, I don’t think I have ever felt stuck or got that hopeless feeling since I started using the cards. If I feel stuck I draw some cards. They always help me to think things through. Overall — I love my decks. Love the artwork. Tarot is something I know will be with me for rest of my life. The cards just help me to think things through. They really do add another dimension.”?