The tarot was a mystery to me when I bought my first deck.

I was an art student and loved the imagery, but those enigmatic 78 cards held messages I never quite understood.

What changed all that was finding a deck I connected to on an emotional level and getting to know the cards in a way that was relevant to my every day life. Rather than seeing the cards as a way to predict my future (hint: they’re not) they revealed themselves to be these extraordinary mirrors that reflected me back to myself in clear, often playful, and always illuminating ways. I felt connected to something bigger and wiser “out there” but more importantly, I felt connected to my own inner wisdom.

Tarot has a set system we can learn, but the real magic happens when we open up to our own intuition in the mirror of the cards. Full of symbols, stories and archetypes that speak to our unconscious, the cards act as prompts to help us uncover what we’re really feeling and know deep inside.

I found that as soon as I stopped trying to get it “right” my understanding of the cards went to a whole other level.

My readings became soulful conversations with the magic I hold within me.

I created 78 Mirrors to help you make a deep and lasting personal connection to the tarot. We’ll work with the decks we have to unravel the tarot system by element. number and suit. We’ll create our own guidebook of meanings and associations and find our own stories within each card of the Major and Minor arcana. We’ll get better acquainted with those confusing Court cards too!

There are many different ways we can tap into our intuition and tarot cards are an especially practical and creative way to do so. I am emphatically NOT interested in using tarot for prediction — rather, the tarot is a beautifully elegant and wise tool when used for self-reflection. By the end of this course you’ll have a deeper and more tangible connection to your intuition.


Tarot connects you to yourself and to tarot friends too! ❤️ Here I am nerding out with Zaara, creator of the Playful Heart Tarot, and our fave cards from the very first edition of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot (at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, 2023)

I was totally new to tarot — had never even held a tarot card — so the course has given me both confidence and curiosity with the cards.

I really took to the 78 mirror approach and the tarot is such a great tool for thinking things through. Most days I do a 3-card draw at the beginning of the day. If I’m feeling bit down might use them to assist me to work out what’s going on, what I’m really feeling and how to perk myself up a bit. I now have a much better language for understanding and explaining how I feel. If I feel stuck I draw some cards. Tarot is something I know will be with me for rest of my life." — JANE


This course was made with beginners in mind.

If you've got a tarot deck or two and are ready to go deeper with the cards, this is for you!

In my insightful (and conversational!) videos I'll take you through every card in the deck but we won’t be doing any rote learning — this is going to be much more fun!

I'll explain the cards in layman's terms and show you how to read the cards and find your own connections as you look at the imagery first and piece together the story (and guidance ✨).

  • Finding our personal connection to each of the 78 cards using the Rider Waite Smith system as our guide
  • The creation of our own guidebook of meanings
  • Exploring numerological & elemental associations (this really opens up the tarot!)
  • Honing our intuition with the cards & creating our own spreads
  • Establishing a regular tarot practice
  • Plenty of journal prompts and tarot spreads to practice reading for yourself
  • And all of this will be taught via videos (with closed captions + transcripts) and written lessons with LOTS of photos of different cards
  • Finding our personal connection to each of the 78 cards using the Rider Waite Smith system as our guide
  • The creation of our own guidebook of meanings
  • Exploring numerological & elemental associations (this really opens up the tarot!)
  • Honing our intuition with the cards & creating our own spreads
  • Establishing a regular tarot practice
  • Plenty of journal prompts and tarot spreads to practice reading for yourself
  • And all of this will be taught via videos (with closed captions + transcripts) and written lessons with LOTS of photos of different cards

This course was transformational!

This supportive and joy-filled course brought a renewed faith and needed sacred rhythm to my mornings. I couldn't wait to make my morning latte and sit down with your lessons and sweet voice. I’ve had the Wild Unknown Tarot deck for years and never really connected to it, using oracle decks way more often. This course opened a whole new world to tarot and the beautiful structure of meanings it provides. I can't wait to take another course with you in the future. Thank you for the beauty you are putting into the world."  JENNY

Here’s what we'll be doing...


In Week One we'll be choosing our decks, setting up our tarot journals, establishing a daily draw practice and exploring the elemental associations 💦 🔥 💨 🪵 of the four suits  unlocking this piece sets us up for the rest of the course!


In Week two we explore the numerical associations and begin our trek through the deck. Unlike most courses we begin with the MINORS, starting at ♠ Ace through to five. Spreads include the ❤️ Heart Healing Spread and the 📔 Week Ahead Spread.


In Week Three we continue through the minors exploring six to ten. Spreads include the 👣 Three Bodies Spread and the ✌️ Two Sides Spread plus mind mapping 🧭 and somatic ways to interpret a card.


In Week Four we start by unlocking the elements in those tricky court cards (game changing!). We'll explore Courts as final "guidance" cards as well as meeting them as 👯‍♀️ characters and 🕵️ unraveling how they apply to our lives (clue: they're all 🪩 reflections of you!)


Week Five sees us arrive at the MAJORS! We'll go on our own Fool's Journey through the first nine cards of the Major Arcana, from 🐶 The Fool to 🦁 Strength. Spreads include The Family Tree Spread and Storytelling Practice, and each Major comes with a mantra 📿


In the last week we complete the journey through the Major Arcana, from The Hermit all the way to The World. Spreads include the insightful ☠️ Embracing Death Spread and your own 🐶 Fool's Journey. This week also unlocks the Spreads Library (for easy reference going forward) and ☎️ Q&A archive.


78 Mirrors + Daily Guidance 

Daily Guidance is my fun & illuminating 3-week introduction to divination cards — tarot AND oracle cards — to
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Get ready for:

➸ The difference between tarot and oracle decks

➸ Choosing the right deck and connecting with the cards

➸ My soothing practical take on the "scary cards" :-)

➸ How to create your own spreads (and decks!)

➸ Meditating with and embodying a card

➸ Using the cards for story-telling

➸ Dialoguing and journaling with your cards

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I'm Susannah

I'm a writer and teacher and your guide through this magical new world! I’ve authored several books including This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (SKIRT 2012) and my heart-led mission is helping people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves.

I started exploring divination cards in my teens and have always had a deck (or ten!) in my self care pocket. For the last decade I’ve been studying the cards with more intention and my connection to tarot has deepened with every deck I’ve explored. It never gets old! There’s always something new to discover.

I've taught thousands of people from around the world how to connect to themselves through the tarot and it’s my absolute honour to bring this practical magic to YOU ✨

Questions & Answers

“Your voice for the past 6 weeks has been like music in my ears, the quality, clarity and articulateness. Love the format of the videos with all the beautiful decks I want to own in time. I have been reading for myself these past 6 weeks and reading for another felt like an easy transition; a 3 card spread for her mental, physical and emotional bodies. I looked deeper into the story the cards were telling me and bam came all the words - my friend was very impressed. It's the only tarot course I have ever tried and it's been a perfect start and given me many perspectives to look from, whether within myself or from the perceptions of the creators of the decks! My connection to the decks have been forged and intuition enhanced and I am no longer a newbie but an eager page to learn more!"


“This course was exactly what I needed to wrap my mind around the Tarot. I had tried to learn about Tarot since I picked up my first deck over 10 years ago. I tried reading different books but none of them resonated with me. 78 Mirrors was exactly what I needed to help me understand what my subconscious was hinting at me. Prior to your course the cards were just images. After your course, the cards had a voice, meaning, and the messages I most needed to hear. 78 Mirrors really opened up the world of tarot, my ability to understand and navigate my world in a positive way. My cards are a daily practice now and your ability to demystify the cards in a clear and inviting way made the cards even more special.”


78 Mirrors + Daily Guidance 



→ Dig into Daily Guidance as soon as you sign up 

→ 78 Mirrors starts Monday March 4th (group energy!)