I’m Susannah.

I’m an author, photographer and teacher who’s been sharing her heart online for over a decade. I help people know, trust and express themselves better by teaching the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a self-directed life. My work is steeped in self-compassion, kindness and practicality and I share my own creative journey to inspire you on yours.

With a range of inspiring courses running throughout the year and a supportive monthly membership, my goal is to help you reconnect to your truest self. The inspiration for my work is mined from my own life as I navigate plot twists and report back from the trenches. I don’t have all the answers but I do have a heck of a lot of questions — my passion is helping others start asking questions for themselves too using creativity as the key to open the door.

I hope that by chronicling the light and dark of my life I inspire others to do the same. It’s by sharing our stories we feel less alone. I’m so glad you’re here!

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I'll help you reconnect to your true self

The Love Letters are like getting an email from someone I know. It’s this great big shot of actual love in my sometimes hugely overwhelming and complicated life. You’re real and you’ve stayed real. I appreciate the real. I appreciate your honesty more than anything else.