Here’s the thing.

I’m a 50-year-old introvert with officially diagnosed ADHD who finds social activities exhausting and prefers to stay home with her journal. I have zero desire to give a TED talk and would die if I had to manage a big team.

And yet, despite ignoring the majority of “expert” advice, I’ve been running a successful six-figure business online for the last 15 years.

Along the way I’ve had three books traditionally published, created 16 much-loved and impactful e-courses and built the most loyal and wonderful audience of peeps hailing from over 50 countries around the world. And I’ve done it without trying to be anything other than exactly who I am. I rely on my heart more than my head when it comes to running my business. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t use my head, it’s just not my only navigation.

In a nutshell, I embrace my individuality and view it as a superpower in a world of internet sameness!


To me a heart-centred business aligns with your values and genuine expression of your self. It allows you to flow with your energy levels and personality traits to make work less about struggling and more about THRIVING. Heart-centred also makes marketing your work a joy instead of something to feel awkward about.

Everything I’ve created has been born out of experimentation, intuition and consistently showing up for the people I serve — and for myself too. Since creating my first online course back in January 2009 my business has grown organically around me, becoming the shape I want it to be, rather than the shape others said I “should” create. Want to know how I do it?

I rely on my heart more than my head when it comes to running my business.

Heart–centered is the perfect description for this course

something that feels so nurturing amidst all the noise telling me how I have to be (i.e. NOT in tune with my heart — ugh) in order to have a successful business.


Welcome to The Inside Story

If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain about how I run my online business, this refreshingly honest course is for you.

From how I got started and why I (un)structure my day to the tools I use, how I create and run my courses, build community and navigate social media as an introvert, I’ll share everything I’ve learned in 15 years of running a successful heart-centred business. 

PLUS! We'll have FOUR Zoom calls where you can ask me absolutely anything 👍


This isn’t a blueprint, it’s a permission slip to create a business that fits YOU.

The fantastic thing about being your own boss is you get to make your own rules! It’s normal to want to get it “right” but you simply have to get it right for YOU. Your lifestyle, your energy levels, your passions, your purpose.

I don’t have a magic formula because there isn’t one (anyone who says there is should be avoided at all costs!) but if you can see yourself in me — creative, introverted, easily overwhelmed, often day dreaming but oh so passionate about what you want to give back to the world — then it’s my honour and pleasure to tell you everything I know about making online business work for YOU.

I’ll take you behind the scenes of my business and show you exactly how I do it. We’ll explore:
  • The online (and analogue!) systems I use

  • How to brainstorm new offerings, create soul-filled ecourses and price them with integrity

  • How to market your work in ways that don’t feel ick & build a beautiful community around you
  • Why I put my heart & soul into my newsletter (and why I welcome the unsubscribes!)
  • Why it's a very smart move to bring your inner child into your biz :-)
  • How to build a delightful and conscious relationship with money 
I’ll take you behind the scenes of my business and show you exactly how I do it. We’ll explore:
  • The online (and analogue!) systems I use

  • How to brainstorm new offerings, create soul-filled ecourses and price them with integrity

  • How to market your work in ways that don’t feel ick & build a beautiful community around you
  • Why I put my heart & soul into my newsletter (and why I welcome the unsubscribes!)
  • Why it's a very smart move to bring your inner child into your biz :-)
  • How to build a delightful and conscious relationship with money 

The Inside Story is the most genuine online business course I have ever taken.

While all the others felt like loud megaphones blasting with announcements that I'll never have success online as an introvert, The Inside Story has been like a soothing cup of tea on a cold day." 


Here’s what we'll cover...



In the first module we’re laying down the foundations. I’ll take you through the evolution of my business, why blogging changed everything for me after my bereavement and how the online business world has changed (for the better!) over the last 15 years. We’ll do a deep dive into creating a business that fits YOU, how to work with your strengths (and figure out what they are) and explore why nurturing a relationship with your inner child will help to strengthen your business confidence.

This module includes the deeply insightful Meet Your Inner Child workbook.



In Module Two I’ll break down the structure of my business, how I plan my year ahead, who’s on my team and exactly what they do, and all the online and offline tools I use in my biz. I’ll also share my all-important numbers, including the metrics I pay attention to (hint: there’s not many), what I’ve invested in and what I regret buying. I’ll take you through the creation of a business journal, help you learn how to trust yourself to make the “right” decisions and go deep into biz visioning!

This module includes my epic Journalling Tips workbook.



Building community is the cornerstone of a heart-centred business and in the Module Three I’ll explain exactly what’s worked for me when navigating and staying sane on social media. I’ll share my theories on marketing in ways that feel genuine and natural, dig into how to “be yourself” online (without the cringe) and share lots of ideas on how to find your ideal peeps. We’ll also tackle our fears about visibility, examine how social media is changing and my inside scoop on Substack.

This module includes the mighty Be a Lighthouse workbook to help you attract your audience. 



In the fourth module I break down where my ideas for new e-courses come from and outline the different types of courses and online platforms available. We’ll break down the nuts and bolts of building an online offering, how to run and maintain courses and communities and I’ll explain my policy on customer service. We’ll also spend time looking at how to promote our work with integrity and help you price your offerings in a way that feels good.

This module includes my invaluable Making Magic workbook to help you plan your entire course piece by piece.



My mailing list of 35K people is the most essential asset in my entire business and in Module Five I explain why the realisation that it wasn’t just a newsletter but a way to build a tangible relationship with my audience changed everything. I’ll give you all my best practices including what - and HOW - to share, how often and how to get people to sign up in the first place. I'll take you through the evolution of my Love Letters and the way I use heart-felt language in my writing (no sleaze tactics here!)

This module includes the Build Your List workbook, a 30-page deep dive into growing a sustainable mailing list.



In the final module we’ll dive deep into the foundations of our money blueprint. I’ll share my own personal money story and the thought healing I’ve had to do, explore why the way we talk about money in society isn’t helpful and uncover the truth of why we are so deeply and truly worthy of abundance. I’ll also share my Money Friendship Formula and address all your money worries so you feel empowered to charge what you and your work is worth.

This module includes the Your Money Blueprint workbook to uncover your money mindset origins and grow your abundance muscle.


Susannah generously opens up about everything (everything!) involved in running her business and offers insights about how to do what feels authentic and right for me. I love that it's not a prescription to follow — she's not telling me to imitate her, she is sharing so deeply about her process and offering so many useful resources that The Inside Story serves as an actionable inspiration for MY heart–centered business. Everything from organizing software to a simple tarot/oracle spread that I have now incorporated into my morning routine. I hope to offer e–courses as brilliant and powerful as Susannah's (and she includes a kick–ass course planning workbook for that) but I also know that I am a social introvert and people connect well to me in person. A small number of live courses and events actually nurture and sustain me AND those are good for my heart–centered business. 


I am not exaggerating when I say that The Inside Story changed my life. When I joined I was in my first year as a Squarespace web designer and even though I was doing well I wanted to explore the feasibility of adding online courses to my services. Susannah not only offers outstanding guidance and a wealth of information and tools in her class, she has also built an exceptional community of nurturing and supportive business owners around her. I am not a hustler and my approach is more gentle and personable, which is no doubt why Susannah’s heart-centered philosophy has always spoken to me! My business has grown very organically as a result and three years on my courses have attracted hundreds of students and I am ready to take the leap away from active web design into full-time online education.

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If you’re a year or two into your business, or ready to take your side-hustle full time, this course will help and inspire you.

Insiders who took the first incarnation of The Inside Story have created masterminds together, launched courses, built solid coaching practices and felt empowered to take their businesses to new financial heights. If figuring out how to best connect with your audience has been holding you back, this course will explain how I do it. If you worry that being an introvert is a hindrance, I’ll definitely convince you otherwise. And if you’re wondering if it really is possible to mix the personal with the professional, I’m living proof that, yes, it is!

In short, The Inside Story will save you time, show you what’s possible and inspire you to create and run your business on YOUR terms.

I was recently inviewed by 
Inside Story alum Kerstin Martin and we chatted about about creating an online biz that feels calm and spacious, ADHD and neurodivergence, knowing who you are and how you work best, inner children and a million other tangents that naturally appeared! 


I’m a writer and teacher and I’ve been sharing my heart online since 2006. I’m the author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart and my mission is to help people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves.

I worked as a photographer and journalist for many years but after a devastating bereavement in my early 30s, I was forced to reassess my path and everything I thought I knew about life. Walking through the fire of grief was the catalyst for my own unraveling, a journey I wrote about in my book.

In 2008 I taught an in-person workshop called Unraveling: Ways of Seeing My Self and in 2009 I launched the course online. That course ran 18 times (!) and supported thousands of women all around the world. Since then there’s been 16 more courses, three books, an international retreat and lots of workshops!

Running my creative business online for the last 15 years has taught me so much about selling your heart-centred work and putting yourself out there as an introvert and sensitive soul. It’s absolutely possible to do work that’s in alignment with your values and supports your community while also honouring your energy levels and paying your rent. I can’t wait to show you how I do it.

Questions & Answers


This course is an absolute gift. It changed the way I approached my newsletter, my website and has given me the confidence that I will thrive online because of my introverted nature, not in spite of it. If you've felt overwhelmed by other courses and think being online just isn't for you, this is the course that will make all the difference in the world. I'm so grateful to have such a complete and honest view behind the scenes in Susannah's business. This has inspired me to keep going and keep growing in this world in a way that is right for me. Thank you thank you, Susannah, for all the hard work and heart that went into the making of this. And thank you for staying in touch so well in the Facebook group so we can all keep sharing. Worth every penny and then some.


I’ve taken two or three courses on running online businesses, and I've learnt something useful from all of them, but The Inside Story was the game-changer. Finally, a course that's about running a business tailor-made to suit me and my personality, but which combines the integrity-filled heart-centred approach with lots and lots of practical details about the nitty-gritty of how to make it work, what's helped, what hasn't. Perhaps most importantly, you have given me a step by step guide to how to grow a community. I've been following your advice and it's working - my mailing list is four times as big as it was three months ago. The money I spent on The Inside Story is, hands down, the best I've invested in my business in the three years I've been working online.

I'd love to help you grow your heart-centred business. Come join us! ❤️