Here’s the truth.

I don’t have a fancy business qualification and I haven’t trained with anyone whose name you’d recognise. However, what I HAVE done is built an online business, piece by piece, mined out of my life experiences, my values and my heartfelt desire to put something into the world that matters.

My biz has supported me for 12 years (and counting!) and in my third year I hit the hallowed six figures a year. Along the way I’ve had three books traditionally published, created 13 much-loved and impactful e-courses and built the most loyal and wonderful audience of peeps hailing from over 50 countries around the world. And I’ve done it without trying to be anything other than exactly who I am — proverbial warts and all.

I didn’t know “heart-centred” business could be a thing until I found myself doing it.

Everything I’ve created I’ve figured out through hard work, instinct and lots of experimentation. There have been tears, exhaustion and a million aha moments as my biz grew organically around me, mirroring my own personal development.

To me a heart-centred business not only aligns with your values and genuine expression of your self, it also honours the way you work best, harnessing your energy levels and personality to make work less about struggling and more about THRIVING. Heart-centred also makes marketing your work a joy rather than something to feel awkward about. Wanna know how I do it?

Welcome to The Inside Story.

This class is like coming into my home and spending the day learning about how I run — and survive — my business. I’m going to be COMPLETELY candid with you and because the majority of the course is delivered via video and slideshow presentation you’re going to get the real picture. Not the polished version: the no-holds-barred one.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain about how I run my online business, this refreshingly honest class is for you. From how I got started and now (UN)structure my day to the tools I use, how I create and run my courses, build community and navigate social media as an introvert, I’ll reveal all the lessons I’ve learned in ten years of running a successful heart-centred business.

Want to know my numbers? My mistakes? My personal business ethos?

You got it! I don’t have a magic formula I can share with you because there isn’t one (anyone who says there is should be avoided at all costs!) but if you can see yourself in me — creative, introverted, artistic, intuitive, easily overwhelmed but oh so passionate about what you want to give back to the world — then it’s my honour and pleasure to tell you

. . . everything I know.

The Sessions


In the first video I share exactly how I found myself running an online business, including how my previous career path still helps me today, why blogging changed everything for me after my bereavement, how I uncovered my heartwork (it wasn’t immediately obvious!) and the organic evolution of my business from day one to now. I’ll reveal why it took time to trust this was a viable business, who helped me give myself permission to do this and the three key elements that make up a heart-centred business.


In the second video I break down the structure of my business, how I plan my year ahead, who’s on my team and exactly what they do, and all the online and offline tools I use in my business. I also share my all-important numbers, including the metrics I track (hint: there’s only one), what I’ve invested in and what I regret buying, and my theories on why I’ve only had seven people ask for a refund in six years of running my courses (this is the number I’m most proud of!).


Building community is the cornerstone of my business and in the third video I reveal exactly what’s worked for me — and what hasn’t —when it comes to navigating social media. I go into detail about my theories on marketing in a way that feels genuine and natural, dig into why the oft quoted “just be yourself” really is essential in a heart-centred biz — I’ll tell you how I personally do it — and give you a tonne of ideas about how to find your ideal peeps.


In this session I break down where my ideas for new e-courses come from, the different types of online courses and what works best for me (and my temperament), how I create a new offering, how I run and maintain my courses and my policy on customer service (hint: integrity is everything). I also share my thoughts on class size and what to charge, how to look after your participants and the best ways to elegantly and (seemingly) effortlessly promote your work.


My Love Letters list is the most essential asset in my entire business and in this video I explain why the realisation that it wasn’t a newsletter at all but actually a way to build a tangible relationship with my peeps changed everything. I share all my “best practices” including what to share and how often and how to get people to sign up in the first place. Plus you’ll get a PDF of newsletters from my archive as we explore the evolution of the Love Letters — learn from my mistakes!


In the last video I share what it’s really like to run an online business full-time as a highly sensitive introvert — the good, the great and the decidedly UNgreat. I talk about the illusion of balance, how I handle sharing so much of my life online (hint: firm boundaries!), dealing with copycats, peer pressure and doubts, staying motivated and why setting your own hours is a much more intuitive way to work. There’s not much separating me and my business and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.