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Sacred Alone

:: Cultivating Inner Companionship ::

Imagine being able to hold your own hand and truly feel held, knowing that no matter what crosses your path, you’ve got your own back.

This is the real magic of the sacred alone — I'll help you find it ❊

Everything starts with you

Your relationship with the kids in your life. Your significant others. Your work life. Your dreams. The way you move through the world — all of this is impacted by the depth of your relationship with your self

If you know yourself, trust yourself, can sit with yourself and feel what you feel, embody what you know, you're able to better show up for everyone else when they need you (because they will :-)

It doesn't matter whether you're an introvert, extrovert or ambivert; neurodivergent or neurotypical; in a relationship, happily single or anything in-between, if you are a sensitive human living in this modern world you will benefit from creating space for conscious soulful time spent in companionship with yourself.

How to be alone?

I’ve spent nearly two decades embodying this very question after the sudden death of my partner in 2005. The grief was all-consuming and as I slowly rebuilt my new life there wasn’t room for another. Having spent the first 32 years of my life attached to someone else — family, boyfriends, lovers — it was time to get to know the woman in the mirror, the one I’d studiously avoided.

In the beginning it was excruciating. Despite being an introvert I’d built my identity around other people and simply didn’t know myself. But as I spent more time alone I learned to appreciate the unique delight of my own company. My healing journey became like dating myself, piece by piece, layer by layer. I discovered I was worth building a relationship with 🖤

Alone, not lonely.

It turned out that being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely — who knew? :-) 

Learning how to thrive in my alone has been my soul work in this lifetime, so much so I now choose to live life solo alongside cherished relationships with my friends and family (both human and animal 🐾).

Everything revolves around my sacred alone. It's my north star and deepest joy.

And here’s the good news! You don’t have to do life solo too to get there — did you just breathe a sigh of relief? :-)

I’ve created The Sacred Alone to help you practice spending soulful time on your own in a structured nurturing way.

Alone time is soul time, loves! 🖤

It's time to go within.


The Sacred Alone exists inside you, a safe space that's personal to you, a place to hang out with your self and retreat to when you need it.

It's with you wherever you go, and the more time you spend there the better it gets!

Some people find their way there easily—for the rest of us it takes practice :-) By intentionally spending time alone we can cultivate a relationship with our selves that's as nourishing as any other relationship in our lives (perhaps even more so).


How it works

As part of our fear of the alone is what might happen when we’re in it —what if I feel lonely and sad? What if I’m really bored?— I’m inviting you to try just 20 minutes a day with me and I’m giving you something to *do* so you’re not just sitting aimlessly in silence!

This course is a gentle 2-week journey into the quiet knowing space in your heart. Each day builds on the last, so that by the end of our 2 weeks together you’ll have created your own Sacred Alone practice you can build on going forward.

  • Daily lessons containing a short thoughtful essay on the day’s theme, with...
  • A downloadable MP3 audio (alternating meditations, visualisations and mindfulness exercises), and...
  • 3 powerful journal prompts to work on each day. 
  • Plus! A Q&A Zoom call so we can gather together at the end of the course 

The benefits

I’m hoping that once you get a taste of how sweet your Sacred Alone is, you’ll be hungry for more of it! You may find yourself scheduling afternoons just for you, or maybe booking an annual solo trip. At the very least you’ll get 20 minutes a day just for you, which you can make as special or as simple as you like. You might want to read the essays and listen to the audios while sipping your morning coffee. You might prefer to find your Sacred Alone at the end of the day — or anywhere in-between. Candles and hot drinks are nice accompaniments to this work!

  • Start your day with more focus and/or end your day with peace
  • Hone your ability to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Know you can support yourself when the shiz hits the fan (as it always seems to do!)
  • Practice being present in the moment and extend that mindfulness to the rest of your day
  • Discover the JOY of alone time - it's like hanging out with a best friend who likes the same things you do 🖤

Sacred Grief

A very special video module created just for this course sharing my own personal journey through grief after the loss of my partner in 2005 and my beloved cat in 2024. In the video I'll vulnerably share what grief has taught me about being alone, explore what's helped me heal (including book and deck recommendations) and ponder how we can—and do!bravely carry on. 



Live meditation session & Q&A

At the end of the course we'll gather together on Zoom for a special meditation and journaling session. There will be time for a Q&Ayou'll be able to email your questions ahead of timeand the call will be recorded 👍

Let's be sacredly alone together!


Go deeper

Everyone gets a copy of the Open Your Eyes ebook, filled with thoughtful essays, practices and fun photo prompts. You'll explore different ways to practice mindfulness in your daily life, bringing your attention to your home, routines, relationships and the outside world. We'll also ponder how to consciously disentangle from the constant pull of our phones and social media! It’s the perfect complement to The Sacred Alone.


I've taken all of your courses and this one feels qualitatively different - deeper - an evolution.

I liked the lightness and gentleness of the structure, the space for carving-out deep alone time. It perfectly suited and reflected the purpose of the course. I loved the guided meditations, the variety of them. A couple really opened me up and got me to some deep and painful truths that I needed to revisit... I love the challenge of touching on those difficult places that then move you forward. Like you, my home is my sacred altar. It's my soulful place of peace. I liked the opportunity to focus on this during the class, to turn-up the volume through thinking about it anew. The journalling was important but not more than the meditations - they worked together to spark a deep germination - a focused process of both conscious and unconscious reflection, always quietly running in the background. It was a great class Susannah, my favorite. Thank you.”


2 weeks of thoughtful daily lessons, downloadable meditations and journal prompts

Access to the content for the lifetime of the course - years, in other words!

Plus a Zoom call at the end to connect, meditate & answer questions (it will be recorded)

“I simply loved The Sacred Alone.

I found the essays enriching and thought provoking and appreciated the prompts to journal from the thoughts going through my mind reading the essay. I especially love, love, loved the final meditation. I found myself in tears and smiles talking to my future self. It was a powerful affirmation for me that I am doing the right healing work for myself and am on the right path for my life. I lead a pretty quiet life in the big picture of things, so for me the ritual of The Sacred Alone was a beautiful added benefit to my mornings to start my day. I followed with pulling a Grace card and then my yoga practice. Such a treat! A heart-felt thank you for such a beautiful course.”


Hi lovely! I'm Susannah


I live in London, UK, with two sweet little kittens and spend my days helping people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves. 

Walking through the fire of bereavement in my early 30s is how I came to truly inhabit every part of who I am, the shadows as well as the light. In 2006 I started writing a blog and found my beloved creative community. My first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart, was published internationally in 2012 and for the last 15 years I’ve been teaching creative courses online, sharing the tools and practices that transformed my life.

Questions & Answers

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Sacred Alone course.

It was an amazing journey and will now continue to be one for the rest of my life. I loved every part of it, and now miss the morning emails. The meditations were so beautiful and safe. The journal prompts were so sensitive and really made me look and feel just that bit harder...but because they were so deep this now means they are a deeper part of me so will have longer lasting results. I am going to be totally honest now and the truth is I wondered if the course was going to be good value for money, I am so pleased to say it was worth every penny and more. I am now saving up hard to do as many of your courses as possible!”


It's time

I created the first iteration of this course in 2014 and have helped thousands of people around the world connect to the quiet soulful place within themselves.

NOW feels exactly like the right time to revisit this beloved course with the new insights I’ve gained over the last decade.

The journey home begins Monday April 29nd