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A Word of the Year check-in

We’re fast approaching the middle of the year so it feels like the right time to check-in with our words. Did you pick a guiding word for 2015? If you did, has it made any impact on how the last six months have unfolded? My word for this year is NOURISH and it’s honestly been … Continued

Lessons learned from nine years of blogging

My blog turned nine on Sunday. Nine years of sharing my heart online — can you believe it? Back then blogging felt like a friendly chat around a kitchen table. There was no concern about tweets and likes and shares, although we were still pretty keen on comments. In April 2006 Facebook was a two-year-old … Continued

Let’s close out the year in style!

Introducing the very first December Reflections! I so enjoyed doing the August Break photo challenge this year I thought it would be fun to do something similar to end the year on a creative high! Like the AB, the idea is to take a photograph every day in December as a way to pay attention … Continued

Portrait of the author as a 40 year-old woman

My grandmother was in her 40s when she gave birth to my mother in 1943. She already had two grown-up children, so to be pregnant again at her age was quite a shameful thing. When I compare my experience of being a 40 year-old woman to that of my grandmother, or even my mum, I … Continued