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I’ve been teaching my courses online for 14 years and I KNOW how exciting it is to take this next step on your creative journey! Take a look through the courses below and join the waitlists to get notified when registration opens (pssst... I'll send you a discount code too). 

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Journal Love Club


From journal lovers to journal dabblers, all are welcome in The Club! I know how easy it is to forget about journaling when life gets busy, so Journal Love Club helps you stay connected to not only your journal but also to yourself. Think: daily journal prompts for reflection, monthly Kitchen Table Diary videos from me, monthly videos from guest journalers, a monthly Journal Around the Fire together on Zoom (so cosy!) plus secret club stickers 🙌



Gentle journaling to return to your self

While you wait for registration to open, I've gathered together some gentle prompts to help you reconnect to yourself on the days you feel scattered (I use these often!). Print 'em out and keep them in your journal ready for when you need them.

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Journal Your Life


In Journal Your Life I teach you how to journal and lead you through the creation of your own creative journaling practice. I’ll show you how to excavate your own personal wisdom and get deliciously honest with yourself on the page while flexing your creative muscles to bring more JOY into your journal. By the end of this 4-week course you’ll have a much deeper, more honest, relationship with yourself and the journaling fire burning bright in your life.

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78 Mirrors


The tarot is a beautifully elegant tool full of symbols and archetypes that speak to our unconscious and help us open up to our intuition. In this in-depth six-week course I teach you how to read tarot in a way that feels meaningful to you. We’ll explore the tarot system by number, suit and element, create a guidebook of personal meanings and find our own stories within each card. By the end of this course you’ll feel confident reading tarot for yourself and have a deeply supportive ally on your side.

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Loving Little You


The inner child holds an extraordinary capacity for joy. In this brand new 3-week course we'll reconnect with our many child selves and build the foundations of a truly transformational relationship. Get ready for fun and tears (the good kind!) and remember this is not a replacement for therapy but a wonderful complement if you're ready to love little you. Our little ones are so excited to hang out with us! 💗

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Tarot for Your Inner Child


This 4-week course is a sparkly invitation to bring more playfulness into your life. First we’ll connect with our inner child through meditation before letting them choose a tarot deck to explore with us. As you make a tarot journal together (think: cute stickers and sparkle!) you'll discover your own unique way to connect through the symbolism of the cards. No tarot experience needed, just lots of curiosity and enthusiasm!


The Inside Story


If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain about how I run my online business, this refreshingly honest course is for you. From how I create my courses and build community to navigating social media as an introvert, in The Inside Story I reveal all the lessons and insights I’ve learned in 14 years of running a successful heart-centred business. This course isn’t a blueprint, it’s a permission slip to create the business that fits you and your energy levels. PLUS! Two Zoom calls to ask me ANYTHING!

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"The Inside Story was the game-changer.

I’ve taken two or three courses on running online businesses, and I've learnt something useful from all of them, but The Inside Story was the game-changer. Finally, a course that's about running a business tailor-made to suit me and my personality, but which combines the integrity-filled heart-centred approach with lots and lots of practical details about the nitty-gritty of how to make it work, what's helped, what hasn't. Perhaps most importantly, you have given me a step by step guide to how to grow a community. I've been following your advice and it's working - my mailing list is four times as big as it was three months ago. The other big benefit of enrolling for the course has been access to the private Facebook group, which is full of like-minded people who are incredibly helpful and supportive. The money I spent on The Inside Story is, hands down, the best I've invested in my business in the three years I've been working online."


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This self-study course teaches you how to take more expressive soulful photographs. With in-depth lessons and illuminating slideshows, I share everything I know about composition, light, portraiture, story-telling and so much more!

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This 2-hour workshop helps you create a journaling practice tailored to youI'll take you through my Recipe of Consistency in four conversational and inspiring video lessons, with prompts for journaling and brainstorming as we go!

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A gentle 14-day journey into the quiet spaciousness of your heart. Delivered in an ebook format with beginner-friendly meditations, prompts & essays, every day builds on the last, to help you create your own Sacred Alone practice. 

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