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I'm Susannah.

I’m a writer & teacher and the author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (SKIRT, 2012). These days I'm exploring my middle years while helping people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves.

With a range of online courses & workshops running throughout the year, I'd love to teach you the tools & practices that helped me heal my heart, find my path and live life fuelled by my creativity. Welcome!


Journal Your Life

My beloved journaling course is back! By the end of these 4 weeks together you’ll have a more supportive (and playful!) relationship with yourself and the journaling fire burning bright in your heart.

Registration is OPEN! 

PLUS! Get complimentary access to the Solstice Check-in workshop in June 20th!

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Let me send you letters...

A few times a month I send out letters from my heart sharing the stuff I’m exploring and honest talk about life as a neurodivergent woman in midlifeI hope you’ll see glimpses of yourself in my words even if our life experience is very different.

A lovely reader in Australia once described me as a spiritual magical fantasy best friend at the other end of the email” which is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me and I try to live up to that every day!

When you sign-up I'll send you the Return ebook with gentle journal prompts to help you reconnect to yourself on the days you feel scattered (I use these often!). In future letters you'll get access to scholarship opportunities + course discount codes too. 

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It feels like a letter from a friend

“They’re just honest. It feels like a letter from a friend. They’re not overly salesy or even “valuable” and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean you’re not constantly trying to shove VALUE down our throats. It’s nice to just read sweet stories and vulnerable explorations. And yes, sometimes I learn things or am inspired by something you’ve created, but mostly your emails are just enjoyable to read.”

Marian | germany

Good things this way...


Learn with me

My courses take you on a deep dive into your creativity, with topics including journaling, tarot, inner child work and heart-centred online business.


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Sharing insights on creative living, neurodivergence and the view from midlife, I Iove my community over on Substack! Come join us!


Jump in today

Revel in your creative joy today with one (or two!) of my self-study workshops & courses. How to journal consistently, take soul-filled photos & more...


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"You have a way of communicating that makes one feel so comfortable, as if an old friend just stopped by." - LAURIE, USA 

"Your emails always light up my email inbox. I feel your positivity coming through as if you are talking to just me." - LANI

Letters from my heart sharing the stuff I’m exploring and honest talk about life as a neurodivergent woman in midlife
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