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A Word of the Year check-in

We’re fast approaching the middle of the year so it feels like the right time to check-in with our words. Did you pick a guiding word for 2015? If you did, has it made any impact on how the last six months have unfolded? My word for this year is NOURISH and it’s honestly been … Continued

My word of the year notebook

I must admit, choosing such a super trendy word for the year was a pretty smart move as I can’t seem to turn a page or click on a link without seeing it yet again. I’m experiencing daily miracles! But as lovely as that is the miracles I’m searching for this year will be happening … Continued

A year in photos

  Once again I haven’t picked up a camera this year, but holy wow have I given my iPhone a good work out. This year has been surprising and full and hard and very short. I finally started dating again and met some interesting — and not so interesting! — men. I made some wonderful … Continued

The word

  I spent New Year’s eve in Providence with my soulsister, Elizabeth. Alas, jet lag and a sinus infection meant my usual intention setting gave way to an early night, which is why today’s new moon feels like my new new year. This morning the sun is shining and I sense the antibiotics are starting … Continued