December Reflections 2023

December often feels overwhelming (I'm really feeling it this year!) so December Reflections is our chance to weave some mindfulness and calm into our days in the run up to 2024.

The idea is simply to take a photograph (and share it if you wish) every day in December while reflecting back over the year. I’ve provided a list of daily prompts with a mix of things to photograph and things to ponder

Share your treasured photos from the year alongside your thoughts. Dig further into the prompts privately in your journal. Create paintings or collages or poems - December Reflections started as a photo challenge but you can take it in any direction that calls to you!

Do the prompts that appeal to you and ignore the rest.

Let it be easy, and most of all, have fun! 💗

Our hashtag on IG is: #decemberreflections2023