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This self-study course teaches you how to take more soulful photographs. With in-depth lessons and illuminating slideshows, I share everything I know about composition, light, portraiture, story-telling and so much more!


This 2-hour workshop helps you create a journaling practice tailored to you. I'll take you through my Recipe of Consistency in four conversational and enlightening video lessons, with prompts for journaling and brainstorming as we go!

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gentle 14-day journey into the quiet spaciousness of your heart. Delivered in an ebook format with beginner-friendly meditations, prompts & essays, every day builds on the last, to help you create your own Sacred Alone practice. 

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“I simply loved The Sacred Alone.

I found the essays enriching and thought provoking and appreciated the prompts to journal from the thoughts going through my mind reading the essay. I especially love, love, loved the final meditation. I found myself in tears and smiles talking to my future self. It was a powerful affirmation for me that I am doing the right healing work for myself and am on the right path for my life. I lead a pretty quiet life in the big picture of things, so for me the ritual of The Sacred Alone was a beautiful added benefit to my mornings to start my day. I followed with pulling a Grace card and then my yoga practice. Such a treat! A heart-felt thank you for such a beautiful course."


Treat yourself to a day of cosy journaling at home! 10 inspiring videos from the Journal Love Club archive, a soothing playlist, in-depth workbook + journaling tips for beginners. It's like having afternoon tea creative pals

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Curious about using fountain pens in your journaling practice? This beginner-friendly workshop explains everything you need to know to get started! Includes my recommendations for your first pen, ink & paper tests and nib comparisons.

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"You have a way of communicating that makes one feel so comfortable, as if an old friend just stopped by." - LAURIE, USA 

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Letters from my heart sharing the stuff I’m exploring and honest talk about life as a neurodivergent woman in midlife
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