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This 2-hour workshop helps you create a journaling practice tailored to you. I'll take you through my Recipe of Consistency in four conversational and enlightening video lessons, with prompts for journaling and brainstorming as we go!

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This self-study course teaches you how to take more soulful photographs. With in-depth lessons and illuminating slideshows, I share everything I know about composition, light, portraiture, story-telling and so much more!


Treat yourself to a day of cosy journaling at home! 10 inspiring videos from the Journal Love Club archive, a soothing playlist, in-depth workbook + journaling tips for beginners. It's like having a creative solo play date!


In this video series I share candidly about my journey through bereavement after losing my partner in 2005 and more recently my beloved cat. I hope this gentle conversation comforts you whenever you need it.

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Curious about using fountain pens in your journaling practice? This beginner-friendly video series explains everything you need to know to get started! Includes my recommendations for your first pen, ink & paper tests and nib comparisons.

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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful course.

I signed up for the class because I always find the winter in Rain-Couver tough, and wanted a fun project to bridge the drizzly months. Photo Meditations has really re-invigorated my love of photography. I walked around with your lessons in mind, using a more distinct eye when capturing images. I really felt like my photographs got a genuine boost from your course. Without a doubt, my favourite aspect of the class were your slideshows. I would save them for the weekend, get up before my family, brew a nice up of coffee and be in bliss, listening to your commentary about what you were looking for in a shot. I hope you do more courses like this - it truly was fantastic and I'm sad that it's already over.”

KELLY, Canada

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